Irish Dexter cattle are famous for three things; meat, milk, and draft purposes. This makes them one of the most well-rounded breeds of cattle available. The bulls are even-tempered and able to perform tasks without losing their sleek appearance. The cows have strong maternal instincts that produce plenty of rich, creamy milk for her calf as well as extra for human consumption.
They are the smallest breed of naturally bred cattle in the world. Their short stature isn’t due to specific breeding programs; it is just the nature of it’s kind. They are an incredibly hardy and while can be sustained on hay or quality pasture, they are also excellent at clearing brushy or weedy areas. They are among the most sure-footed individuals due to being from the southern, mountainous part of Ireland.

As a whole, Irish Dexters are the best all-around breed of cattle. With the minimal interaction from humans in specific breeding programs, they have developed some of the strongest traits. Hardy, study, sure-footed, as well as use in other multiple areas, the Irish Dexter Cattle was a no-brainer for our choice of cows. If you are interested in learning more about the breed, we are a part of the American Dexter Cattle Association. You can find their page HERE.

Interested in Purchase?

We offer sides of beef for sale, as well as eggs and pork products. Trinity Ridge also sells breeding stock from our herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. Contact us for more information.

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Irish Dexter Cattle