Irish Dexter Cattle

Trinity Ridge prides ourselves by raising our herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. Our goal is provide a natural food source that we raise here on the property. Irish Dexter Cattle are a small hardy breed used for milk as well as beef. They hail from the southern part of Ireland and have become extremely popular in the United States.

natural food


To us, clean, natural food is everything. It is crucial to us that we raise our animals to the best of our abilities to provide the best to our customers. That being said, we also raise chickens and pigs, in addition to our cattle. Our chickens provide eggs to local restaurants as well as local clients. Our pigs are raised on pasture, providing clean, natural meat to utilize the natural flavor of the products.

Meat for sale

We currently do not have beef for sale. We are sending 2 steers for processing in June. You need to contact us to sign up to purchase. Whole, half, and quarter sides available.