Our Animals

Trinity Ridge not only provides cattle for multiple use, we also have other livestock as well. The pigs we raise are a cross between a Berkshire and a guinea. The Berkshire are large but known for their flavor. The guinea are smaller so when crossed you get the taste of the Berkshire but the smaller size of the guinea. This provides a much better tasting meat that is humanely cared for. We know everything that goes into our animals. There is no guessing which meats were treated with what, or how they were treated. Our hogs are raised with the best care one could ask for the services they provide.

We also have a flock of ISA brown chickens that are high egg producers. We also have several other various breeds such as White Leghorns and a Black Cochin to round out the bunch. Our chickens are humanely raised in a natural environment. They have plenty of room to roam and not only produce eggs, but they consume the pesky bugs on our property that can damage our crops.

Interested in Purchase?

We offer sides of beef for sale, as well as eggs and pork products. Trinity Ridge also sells breeding stock from our herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. Contact us for more information.