Passion with a Purpose

What started as a way to ensure we knew what we were feeding our family has grown into a love for local sustainability that we want to share with our fellow Kentuckians.

Back in 2004, we purchased acreage in Sadieville, built a house and fenced in a bit of the land. We did our research and discovered Irish Dexter cattle would be a perfect fit for our first venture into cattle-farming.

Interested In Purchase?

We offer sides of beef for sale, as well as eggs and pork products. Trinity Ridge also sells breeding stock from our herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. Contact us for more information.

Our Mission

We knew we wanted to raise as much of our food as possible.

trinity ridge farm

Our Cattle

Irish Dexter cattle are a heritage breed. They are smaller than most continental breeds. They need less land for grazing and produce excellent beef and rich milk. We also can appreciate the breed’s gentle nature and the fact that they don’t usually need human assistance when they birth their calves. 

We took the plunge and bought a couple of Irish Dexters. As questions arose, we turned to the University of Kentucky’s extension office for answers. We have continued our quest for agricultural education, and have become certified through UK’s Master Cattlemen Program. 

Today, we’re happy to say we have a contented herd—most born and raised at Trinity Ridge Farm. Because we’ve cared for them since birth, we know exactly what they eat, as well as how they’ve been raised. They’re free to roam our pastures and are never injected with hormones.

Fellow Scott Countians can enjoy the tender beef that comes from grass-finished, locally raised Irish Dexter cattle by purchasing directly from us. This opportunity gives the community a chance to support our Kentucky Proud Farm, and in return, receive fresh beef.  

Also, we’re helping other farmers by selling breeding stock. As a result of careful selection and matching, we are offering excellent Dexter genetics. We hope to help grow the Irish Dexter population in the US, giving more and more families the chance to feed their families high-quality beef.