More About Trinity Ridge Farm

Encouraged by our success with cattle-farming, we decided to try our hands at something else. We raise a few hogs each year, both for our family and to sell. As well, we raise laying hens on locally produced feed. Their eggs end up on our breakfast table as well as in the meals at a local Georgetown restaurant. 


As a master gardener, Renee also grows produce for our family to enjoy. She cans or freezes most of the crop, but we sell some of our blackberries to a local restaurant for their patrons to enjoy.


One of the things Trinity Ridge Farm has taught us is that it’s never too late to find a new passion. We were in our 50s when we jumped into this venture, and have learned to balance our “day jobs” with farming. Over the years, we’ve continued our research to ensure everything we do benefits both the land and our animals. 

These days, one of the practices we’re focusing on is responsibly turning forested land back into a pasture. It’s a challenging, labor-intensive process because the soil can quickly erode and heavy equipment degrades the land. We’re working on pioneering a new “best practice” to return wooded areas to cattle-friendly pastures without erosion. As part of this process, we’ve recently begun clearing acreage in partnership with Lakeside Woodworks, a group of local craftsmen who turn timber into furniture.


We’ve learned a ton over the past 15 years, and have grown in our appreciation of how to provide food (for our family and others), as well as responsibly tend to the land entrusted to our care. We want to share that knowledge with other families and are working on starting our next venture: having people visit Trinity Ridge to see both where food comes from and how to carefully clear land for their farming endeavors. We genuinely believe that the benefits of being involved in raising our food outweighs any inconveniences we may have encountered along the way, and hope to help other Kentucky families begin their journey to nourishing their families with locally sourced food.